Membrane Roofing

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Types Of Flat Roof Coatings

membrane roofingTraditional pitched roofs were designed to help water, snow, and debris run off the sides. Low slope or flat roofs, however, require special methods of drainage. In the past, flat roofs have been more prone to water damage and leaking because roofing materials did not repel water well. In order to make a flat roof waterproof, most buildings utilized the built up roof (BUR) method, a messy and inefficient process.

To improve upon the BUR method, the membrane roof was developed. Typically made from rubber, plastic, or other synthetic materials, membrane roofs offer superior water resistance and UV protection. Over the years, new and different types of membrane roofs have developed. The roofing contractors at Family Roofing are happy to offer the following types of membrane roofs:


A strong and affordable rubber membrane roof, EPDM is the most commonly used flat roof system. It is usually the most economical option; however, that does not mean it is low quality. EPDM roofs have withstood the elements for many years. They are usually black, and don’t offer the same energy efficient benefits as some other flat roof systems.


Although it is a newer membrane roof coating, TPO has become quite popular. Often referred to as a mix between EPDM and PVC, TPO roofs are more durable than EPDM and provide an affordable alternative to other membrane systems. They are also praised for their energy efficiency, which is a major bonus for many business looking to save money down the road.

Your Flat Roofing Experts!

Flat roof installation requires precision and knowledge in order to avoid errors. Poor installation of your membrane roof can quickly lead to roof failure, so choose your local, trusted roofing contractors at Family Roofing for your flat roofing needs!

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