Commercial Metal Roofing

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Benefits Of Metal Roofing

commercial metal roofingWhile many commercial buildings require or benefit from a flat or low slope membrane roof, others need a different material. If you have a pitched roof or want something that will last longer than TPO or other membrane systems, a metal roof is a great option. Metal is far more durable than any membrane roof coating on the market, and it offers several benefits.

If you want a energy efficient and eco-friendly option, choose commercial metal roofing. Made from recycled materials, a metal roof has very little environmental impact in the manufacturing process. Because it lasts for 50+ years, it will also not clog up landfills like other roofing materials with shorter lifespans. A metal roof can also help save you money by reflecting sunlight, reducing your home’s cooling load and energy bills. This helps keep your home cooler in the summer months, as well as warmer in the winter.

Commercial metal roofing is also far more durable and low maintenance than a membrane roof. Able to withstand just about anything—hail, high winds, extreme temperatures, and UV rays—metal does not need waterproofing or special layers to protect it. It won’t rip or separate over time, and rarely needs cleaning or inspections. Though it is more expensive than other commercial roofing materials, a metal roof is a valuable, long-term investment.

Metal roofs are also available in more colors than the classic silver. If you want a red metal roof, we can do that! Call Family Roofing at 864-261-0841 to learn more about our commercial roofing services in Greenville and Anderson, SC.

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