Commercial Roof Repair And Reroofing

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Common Problems With Commercial Roofs

commercial roof repairMost commercial roofs are flat and use a membrane or built up roofing system. These roofs have a general lifespan of around 20 years, but this varies depending on the specific type of roof. Built up roofs, or BUR systems, will wear down over time and membrane roofs can be prone to torn seams and leaks. You should inspect your roof at least once a year for signs of damage.

Of course, the interior of your building can let you know if there’s a leak. If you see stained, sagging, or wet ceiling tiles, you definitely have a problem. However, once water makes its way inside your building, your roof may have already sustained extensive damage. It’s much better to catch a problem early, potentially saving you the cost of a whole new roof.

When looking for signs of damage, pay special attention to the flashing or any areas where the roof get interrupted. These areas are most prone to leaks. You should also watch out for ponding water, blistering, punctures, debris, and other damage. Excessive foot traffic and bird droppings can also damage your roof, so prevent these if necessary.

Save Money With Commercial Roof Repair!

The main causes of roof damage are improper installation and natural wear. If your roof fails before its estimated lifespan and you have maintained it well, see you are under warranty. When looking for a certified roofing contractor to do repairs, make sure you choose an experienced company like Family Roofing. With years of experience in commercial and residential roofing, we can quickly and thoroughly assess your roof and determine the best course of action.

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