Roof Coating

A roof coating is a great way to add protection to your roof and make it cooler. Call Family Roofing at 864-261-0841 for roof coating installation in Anderson and Greenville, SC.

What Is A Roof Coating?

roof coating installationRoof coatings are fully adhered, liquid applied coatings that form a seamless, protective layer over your flat roof. Typically made from products like silicone, acrylic, or rubber, they have elastic characteristics so they can stretch and contract as your building settles. White and reflective, a roof coating’s primary use is to add protection from sunlight, wind, water, and hail to your roof. A roof coating can be applied over almost any existing roofing material.

Depending on the type of roof coating you choose the state of your current roof, a roof coating can extend the life of your roof by about 25 years. It can also significantly reduce the temperature of your roof, saving you money on cooling bills and energy use. However, roof coatings should not be confused with deck coatings. While a deck coating is designed for frequent foot traffic, a roof coating is not. If you intend to use your flat roof as a sundeck, patio, etc., then a roof coating will not work. The foot traffic will wear down the coating sooner than projected, causing early failure and other problems.

A roof coating can be applied over almost any existing roofing materials, from older roofs to a new EPDM roof. However, it can cause issues when applied over an asphalt shingle roof and is not recommended. To learn more about roof coating installation in Greenville and Anderson, SC, call the team at Family Roofing!

Professional, Affordable Installation

If you’re interested in roof coating installation, make Family Roofing your top choice. With years of experience, our licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors will expertly install any type of roof you need. If you have questions about a material or our process, just ask! We always take the time to answer your questions so we can do our best to make you happy. Call us today at 864-261-0841 for roof coating application in Anderson and Greenville, SC.